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Fix Phimosis

What do we mean by the phrase, Fix Phimosis?

Phimosis is a treatable conditions. Like many skin conditions, the earlier it is treated the less time is usually required to fix it. By fixing phimosis, we mean – providing a long lasting relief from the pain and discomfort of having a tight foreskin.

Novoglan is a company that was set up by men, all health care experts who have had to deal with foreskin problems and wanted to ensure that one company focused on researching and producing treatments that are effective for men and heir foreskins.

There are many products on the market that claim to treat phimosis – a tight foreskin. However, after nearly a decade of trials and clinical usage all over the world by tens f thousands of men, Novoglan is the product that is rated as the best and most effective product set to fix phimosis.

For more information about how Novoglan can fix your phimosis and loosen that tight foreskin once and for all time, have a look at the Novoglan websites:

International Fix Phimosis with Novoglan from Platigo Solutions

USA/Canada Fix Phimosis from Novoglan USA and Canada store

Fixing phimosis is a whole lot easier with Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher and Cream.


Don’t delay, fix your phimosis fast and at home, with Novoglan.


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Stretching to fix tight foreskin phimosis

Stretching to fix tight foreskin phimosis

So you have a tight foreskin and you want to know what type of stretching to fix a tight foreskin phimosis. The answer is really quite simple and can be explained in the following steps:

1) treat inflammation and infection

2) allocate 15 minutes per day for 14 to 21 days

3) use a gentle foreskin stretching device to gently and evenly stretch and fix a tight foreskin phimosis

4) use a gentle foreskin cream to keep the foreskin moist and smooth and reduce risk of inflammation.

you can visit the following site to get specific information about each of the above:





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How To Fix Tight Foreskin

So you want to know how to fix tight foreskin?

The answer is really quite simple. First of all you need to understand that there is no such thing as a miracle to cure to fix a tight foreskin. Rather, if you are prepared to set aside 15 minutes per day for up to 3 weeks, then you are halfway to answering the question of “how to fix a tight foreskin”.

It is important to note, that for most men, a tight foreskin is also known as uncomplicated phimosis.

The next step is to ensure that you have any inflammation and or infection under control. Inflammation is the enemy of successful foreskin stretching. Once the inflammation and infection is controlled you need to find a medical device that can gently stretch your foreskin.

You can find our more about how to fix your tight foreskin by visiting the Novoglan store at

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Some Useful Links to Fix Phimosis

Other references you may find useful are: – Customers rate foreskin stretching devices

http://PHIMOSIS.CO – similar content to this site about gentle foreskin stretcher and phimosis

http://TIGHTFORESKINCURE.NET – similar content to this site about gentle foreskin stretcher and tight foreskin cure

http://PHIMOSIS-CREAM.COM – confused about what cream to use for phimosis?

http://TIGHTFORESKINCREAM.COM – confused about what cream to use for tight foreskin?

http://www.RED-PENIS.COM – do you have a dry, cracked or hardened penis – foreskin or glans? Need some Foreskin oil – try Novoglan DermOil.

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Red Penis & Foreskin Advice

Healthy Penis Advice

take a look at

The best way to avoid getting a red, sore, itchy, dry penis is to recognise that the Skin of the penis and foreskin is hypersensitive, fragile and prone to irritation and infection.  That being said, there are some very simple things you can do on a daily basis to reduce the risk of getting any of these symptoms:

Do not put anything on your penis that is acidic or alkaline such as shampoo, shaving cream, oils and harsh soaps etc

Make sure you wear clean and properly washed and rinsed underwear everyday – do not let detergents, soap or dirt build up in the underwear and be careful to avoid leaving underwear nears socks or places where fungi or timea can grow in moist warm environments.

Always use a a high quality hypoallergenic personal lubricant that is water based. use nothing else to provide lubrication. All other so called lubricants actually cause micro tearing and increase the risk of inflammation and infection.

Treat penis and foreskin problems early. the sooner you treat the better and faster the outcome is the general rule of thumb. Do not put magic potions or unknown creams or lotions of your penis or foreskin. Use only those products that have been specifically formulated to treat problem penis and  foreskin conditions.

If you have any bleeding, weeping, our open sores, you should seek a the review by a competent doctor to rule out serious issues that cannot be treated at home.

The use of a neutral body lotion around the penis an d foreskin area during showering or bathing should be undertaken but with very small amounts. No more that the size of a pea. Attention should betaken to see if any mild symptoms occur with any product and discontinue immediately f you gate even mild symptoms. Warm water and gentle stroking and cleaning with fingers can provide enough gentle friction to maintain good skin health, without the use of body lotions.

For those men that do a lot of support where friction in the penis and foreskin region is common,  you will need to ensure you use good supportive underwear, use barrier creams and the use of vaseline around the thighs has been shown to lower risk of irritations. However, the biggest threat remains thrush or fungal infection due to the high moisture and micro tears that the friction brings. The use of Novoglan Soap or Cream has been reported to reduce the risk of sports related infection, however, this is part of a broader approach to separating undergarments from socks and other clothes and to ensure high quality washing and rinsing of any thing that comes into contact with the penis, foreskin and groin region.

Bottom Line …

wash you underwear separately, warm water to clean is ideal, always use a hypoallergenic personal lubricant during sex and start treatment at the earliest possible time – don’t leave it until it becomes a big problem…


Keep a Novoglan Penis & Foreskin Treatment Set at home… and use when needed…

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Regulatory Affairs


Engel Hellyer & Partners Pty Ltd is a leading technical consulting organisation for the pharmaceutical, nutritional food, complementary medicine, medical device and cosmetic toiletry industries. Experts in the entire Regulatory Affairs process.

Established in 1982 and located in Sydney, Australia we have extensive experience in dealing with government, companies and industry associations in these areas. Our qualified staff of experienced graduates have personal contacts at senior levels of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, NICNAS, state health departments, contract manufacturers and laboratories.

We also have direct association and experience in assisting clients with product launches and compliance with regulatory requirements in Australia and New Zealand.


We have a range of knowledge and experience in pharmaceutical, nutritional food, complementary medicine, medical device and cosmetic toiletry industries.
Regulatory Affairs:

  • Current regulatory awareness
  • Early warning of changes in relevant areas of regulation by regulatory authorities on industry
  • Confidential assessment of potential safety or health risks for products
  • Confidential review of advertising claims and their substantiation
  • Assistance with the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) and the Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances (AICS)
  • Co-ordination between industry and agencies with respect to technical, scientific or toxicological evidence
  • Technical assessments for acquisitions
  • Provision of information to marketing personnel as required
  • The review of products for compliance to the National Trade Measurement Act and Regulations.


  • Confidential review of ingredients in cosmetic products to ensure they are on the AICS and are not restricted by entries in the Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Medicines and Poisons (SUSMP)
  • Confidential review of packaging to check country of origin, trade measurement and ingredient labelling compliance
  • Advice on cosmetic versus therapeutic claims
  • Advice on claims for new or competitor products
  • Advice on manufacturing, marketing, import or export of cosmetic products
  • Assistance with registration with NICNAS as a cosmetic or industrial chemical importer
  • Interaction with NICNAS to notify or exempt new ingredients not on AICS including writing notifications and permit applications
  • Advice on the safety or health risks of cosmetic or industrial chemical ingredients and products
  • Advice on the writing of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS’s) to the Australian approved format
  • Advice on compliance with NICNAS Cosmetic Guidelines and Cosmetic Standard
  • Compliance with Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) New Zealand Group Standards including the Cosmetic Group Standard.

Medicines, Sunscreens and Disinfectants

  • Compilation and submission of applications for:
    • Registrations for Therapeutic Goods onto the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)
    • Listings for Therapeutic Goods onto the ARTG via the TGA’s eBS website
    • New excipients to be added to the ARTG via the TGA’s eBS website
    • Medicine/poisons scheduling to the Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling (ACMS) and Advisory Committee on Chemicals Scheduling (ACCS)
    • Product areas include OTC medicines, complementary medicines, nutritional supplements, traditional medicines, sunscreens and disinfectants.
  • Confidential review and assistance with the following for Therapeutic Goods:
    • Advice on claims for new or competitor products
    • Ingredients
    • Packaging and labels
    • Potential safety or health risks
    • Importing, exporting, manufacturing and marketing
  • Compilation and review of published medical and scientific data for inclusion as supporting evidence in submissions and presentations to government authorities e.g. Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Australia and the New Zealand Medicines and Medical Safety Authority (Medsafe):
    • Submissions to TGA of APIs and Complementary Medicines Actives
    • Submissions to TGA of data and excipients
    • Personal representation to government health departments (state and federal)
    • Related Product Notifications to Medsafe (NZ)
    • Medsafe (NZ) registrations
  • Safety assessment and assistance with respect to:
    • Pharmaceutical, herbal and sunscreen actives
    • Finished products
  • Technical assessment and assistance with respect to:
    • Good Manufacturing Practice
    • Self GMP audits
    • Stability studies
    • Finished product specifications
    • Sponsor/ Manufacturer GMP contracts
    • Quality Assurance documents

Medical Devices

  • Compilation of inclusions for Therapeutic Devices onto the ARTG via the TGA’s eBS website
  • Confidential review and assistance with the following for Therapeutic Devices:
    • Advice on claims for new or competitor products
    • Ingredients
    • Packaging and labels
    • Device application audits
    • Importing, exporting, manufacturing and advertising review
    • Notification of Therapeutic Devices to Medsafe (NZ) via Web Assisted Notification of Devices (WAND)


  • Review of formulations for conformity to the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) Food Standards Code
  • Advice on food laws and fair trading laws
  • Advice on Food Safety Standards and hygiene regulations
  • Confidential review and assistance with the following for foods:
    • Advice on claims for new or competitor products
    • Ingredients
    • Packaging and labels
    • Potential safety or health risks
    • Generating supportive data for claims
    • Importing, exporting, manufacturing and marketing
  • Personal representation to government authorities
  • Technical assessment and assistance with respect to Good Manufacturing Practice (and internal auditing)

Dr Renée Badenhop

BSc(Hons), PhD (Medicine), MIP (Master of Industrial Property), Registered Patent & Trademark Attorney

Has 13 years post graduate experience in medical sciences and 4 years consulting experience as a Registered Patent & Trademark attorney. She received a Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney and Bachelor of Science (Honours) at Macquarie University and in 1997 she was awarded a PhD (Medicine) at the University of UNSW. In 2005 she completed a Master’s Degree in Industrial Property at the University of Technology and was registered as a Patent & Trade Mark Attorney.

She has been employed at one of Australia’s leading Medical Research Institutes, publishing over 15 articles in major scientific journals and presenting her work at over 10 international conferences. She has been employed as a Senior Scientist on both international and local research collaborations with multinational pharmaceutical companies and hospitals in the field of medical genetics.

More recently she was employed at a top tier Patent & Trade Mark Firm as a Patent Attorney in the life sciences/biotechnology area. And in 2007, she took on the role of Chief Operations Manager at a start-up medical device company where she was responsible for Product Research & Development and Regulatory Affairs. She joined Engel Hellyer & Partners Pty Ltd as a Director and Consultant in February 2013.

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Novoglan Review

Novoglan Review

Platigo Solutions Pty. Ltd. regularly surveys customers about their experience with Novoglan Products and Services. The results can be found at their web site under

They score things such as customer satisfaction with:

  • Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher
  • Novoglan Foreskin Stretching Cream
  • Novoglan Foreskin Cleaning Soap
  • Novoglan Personal Lubricant
  • Novoglan Customer Service
  • Experience with Novoglan Staff.

All of these scores are reported monthly and consolidated data is oincludedon their website under Novoglan Review

Novoglan state that they seek 100% Customer Satisfaction in their Novoglan Review and regularly score 95 to 99% across the board. Go to the Novoglan Review web page for more details.

Novoglan Review

Novoglan Review for Novoglan Products and Services from Platigo Solutions


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Fix Phimosis Using Novoglan

The NOVOGLAN site hosted by Platigo Solutions has lots of information and pages about how to fix phimosis. Take a closer look at this and find out how to fix your phimosis at home “stretching-to-fix-tight-foreskin-phimosis” or try /how-to-fix-tight-foreskin/

NOVOGLAN is the only product and treatment regime approved for use at home to fix a tight foreskin / phimosis.

For more information go to or our store at

So what are you waiting for? Fix your  phimosis once and for all and say good by to the tight foreskin. Did you know that NOVOGLAN not only provides the approved Gentle Foreskin Stretcher but also provides the most effective personal lubricant for men with a  history of phimosis. The NOVOGLAN Personal Lubricant has been specially formulated with reducing the risk of phimosis and is great to use any time anywhere. Check it out our online store.


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Platigo Solutions the manufacturer and distributor of NOVOGLAN products has confirmed that it has opened the new online German language store for NOVOGLAN Products.

The store has been established to assist assist the many German speakers who keep coming to the English store and are seeking greater customer support.

We encourage al German speaker to have a look at our new store and comment.


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Fix Phimosis

Fix phimosis…

If you have found this page then you already know what phimosis is right? Ok, now that we have that established, let’s look at the answer to the question you are asking yourself – how do I fix my phimosis effectively and without much fuss?

The answer is straight forward and most leading urology and men’s health groups agree that the key to fixing your phimosis is this:

  • gentle regular foreskin stretching
  • application of painless pressure across the circumference of the foreskin
  • stretch daily and for at least two weeks and in many cases for long lasting results
  • no harsh or sharp force on foreskin
  • steroid cream or specially formulated foreskin stretching cream

So where do you start?

We recommend you purchase an approved gentle foreskin stretcher kit with cream and start gentle and slowly. Get your foreskin used to gentle foreskin stretching. Once you have a couple of days under your belt (so to speak), you can then increase both the time and the pressure. You can leave the foreskin stretcher in place for up to an hour each day and this will give you a good stretch. A few guys will need extra heavy duty steroid like betamethasone cream and when you use this cream with the gentle foreskin stretcher you will get a very big stretch.

However, most men will do well with the standard gentle foreskin stretching cream and foreskin stretcher. It may seem counter intuitive but you need to start slow and increase pressure and time incrementally. You must avoid any cutting or tearing that can cause inflammation. Inflammation stops skin stretching properly.

We recommend you use an approved gentle foreskin stretcher that has been evaluated and listed on a government medical device approval register. The only approved device that works that we have found is the NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher. This device uses a balloon that inserts in between the foreskin and the glans and gentle applies even pressure across the foreskin. It allows the user to start small and then get more intense as days go by. The NOVOGLAN device will stay in place for as long as you need.

Fix Phimosis with the NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher

Fix Phimosis with the NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher

To read more on the NOVOGLAN go to or their store at you can see their complete foreskin care package at – this is the ideal product as it has everything you need to fix phimosis.

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