How Can You Fix Phimosis ?

How Can You Fix Phimosis ?

The answer on how you can use stretching to fix a tight foreskin phimosis –  is straight forward.

For some time scientists have understood that the best way to stretch skin is on the gentle regular even pressure. The idea that you can stretch skin aggressively without causing damage was ruled out by scientists over 50 years ago.

Scientists discovered that several factors need to be in place for skin to stretch effectively, the most important one was the absence of any inflammation in the area to be stretched. Then of course there’s the issue of active infection or chronic infection, if an infection is occurring at the time of stretching then it stands to reason that an inflammatory process is in place. The inflammatory process is the bodies response to infection. Why the body creates inflammation is very well understood by scientists, but suffice to say that any form of infection leads to inflammation which does not allow the skin to stretch.

So in essence what science has understood quite clearly is that to stretch skin effectively (and fix phimosis), you need to ensure that you do not have an infection or you do not have any inflammation in the area to be stretched. So now that we’ve got behind the science let’s turn our attention to why gentle foreskin stretching is a far better alternative with better outcomes than using harsh skin retractor or even using the static/skin tunnels.

Very briefly, starting with the skin panels or flesh tunnels the major obstacle or issue with this approach is that they cannot be used when the foreskin opening is very narrow. That is, they actually already need to have quite a large opening or a good amount of stretch in the opening of the foreskin for these products to be used. So at the end of the day, skin tunnels will only work if you have significant foreskin stretching in the first place.

Of course let’s look at the even more sinister skin retractors. These devices were first used or attempted to be used for foreskin stretching in the 1850s. One of the serious side effects of using this practise what was that the foreskin would tear, crack, rip, leading to infection and inflammation.

Stretching to Fix a Tight Foreskin Phimosis

Stretching to Fix a Tight Foreskin Phimosis

It does seem intuitive that to stretch skin you would apply a great deal of force and polar skin cells apart. However, scientists have clearly shown that this approach leads to tears and inflammation which then prevents further stretching. It is quite clear that you cannot get a good stretch by pulling the skin apart under high-pressure. It is also certainly true that you must apply pressure across a wide surface. That is, when you use a skin retractor you are applying pressure on very specific focus points, which significantly  increases the risk of a tear or a crack that can lead to infections and inflammation.

So what we need to ensure is –  if we want to fix our phimosis, we need to get a very good stretch of our foreskin. To do this, we need to ensure that we use gentle, regular and even pressure over a significant period of time. What we mean by significant period of time is anywhere from 10 days to 30 days for some men. The average man with typical uncomplicated phimosis, will only need around 14 days on average. However, it is important to note that for some men the stretching period maybe shorter and for other men it maybe longer. Results will always vary from person to person because all human beings have different characteristics.

If you want to get the best possible stretch minimising any chance of side-effect then you need to be sure that you use a process that is both gentle, regular, and applies even pressure across a broad area of the foreskin.

This is why the Novoglan gentle foreskin stretcher is based on fundamental principles of the science of skin stretching, works very well and works in a way that prevents the risk of tearing, cracking or bleeding.

So the bottom line is this – with respect to foreskin stretching (fix phimosis), if you want to get a good result with your foreskin stretching then use a procedure and a device that generates gentle but regular and even pressure across the whole foreskin.

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