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Stretching to fix tight foreskin phimosis

Stretching to fix tight foreskin phimosis

So you have a tight foreskin and you want to know what type of stretching to fix a tight foreskin phimosis. The answer is really quite simple and can be explained in the following steps:

1) treat inflammation and infection

2) allocate 15 minutes per day for 14 to 21 days

3) use a gentle foreskin stretching device to gently and evenly stretch and fix a tight foreskin phimosis

4) use a gentle foreskin cream to keep the foreskin moist and smooth and reduce risk of inflammation.

you can visit the following site to get specific information about each of the above:





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Some Useful Links to Fix Phimosis

Other references you may find useful are: – Customers rate foreskin stretching devices

http://PHIMOSIS.CO – similar content to this site about gentle foreskin stretcher and phimosis

http://TIGHTFORESKINCURE.NET – similar content to this site about gentle foreskin stretcher and tight foreskin cure

http://PHIMOSIS-CREAM.COM – confused about what cream to use for phimosis?

http://TIGHTFORESKINCREAM.COM – confused about what cream to use for tight foreskin?

http://www.RED-PENIS.COM – do you have a dry, cracked or hardened penis – foreskin or glans? Need some Foreskin oil – try Novoglan DermOil.

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Red Penis & Foreskin Advice

Healthy Penis Advice

take a look at

The best way to avoid getting a red, sore, itchy, dry penis is to recognise that the Skin of the penis and foreskin is hypersensitive, fragile and prone to irritation and infection.  That being said, there are some very simple things you can do on a daily basis to reduce the risk of getting any of these symptoms:

Do not put anything on your penis that is acidic or alkaline such as shampoo, shaving cream, oils and harsh soaps etc

Make sure you wear clean and properly washed and rinsed underwear everyday – do not let detergents, soap or dirt build up in the underwear and be careful to avoid leaving underwear nears socks or places where fungi or timea can grow in moist warm environments.

Always use a a high quality hypoallergenic personal lubricant that is water based. use nothing else to provide lubrication. All other so called lubricants actually cause micro tearing and increase the risk of inflammation and infection.

Treat penis and foreskin problems early. the sooner you treat the better and faster the outcome is the general rule of thumb. Do not put magic potions or unknown creams or lotions of your penis or foreskin. Use only those products that have been specifically formulated to treat problem penis and  foreskin conditions.

If you have any bleeding, weeping, our open sores, you should seek a the review by a competent doctor to rule out serious issues that cannot be treated at home.

The use of a neutral body lotion around the penis an d foreskin area during showering or bathing should be undertaken but with very small amounts. No more that the size of a pea. Attention should betaken to see if any mild symptoms occur with any product and discontinue immediately f you gate even mild symptoms. Warm water and gentle stroking and cleaning with fingers can provide enough gentle friction to maintain good skin health, without the use of body lotions.

For those men that do a lot of support where friction in the penis and foreskin region is common,  you will need to ensure you use good supportive underwear, use barrier creams and the use of vaseline around the thighs has been shown to lower risk of irritations. However, the biggest threat remains thrush or fungal infection due to the high moisture and micro tears that the friction brings. The use of Novoglan Soap or Cream has been reported to reduce the risk of sports related infection, however, this is part of a broader approach to separating undergarments from socks and other clothes and to ensure high quality washing and rinsing of any thing that comes into contact with the penis, foreskin and groin region.

Bottom Line …

wash you underwear separately, warm water to clean is ideal, always use a hypoallergenic personal lubricant during sex and start treatment at the earliest possible time – don’t leave it until it becomes a big problem…


Keep a Novoglan Penis & Foreskin Treatment Set at home… and use when needed…

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