Novoglan Review

Novoglan Review

Platigo Solutions Pty. Ltd. regularly surveys customers about their experience with Novoglan Products and Services. The results can be found at their web site under

They score things such as customer satisfaction with:

  • Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher
  • Novoglan Foreskin Stretching Cream
  • Novoglan Foreskin Cleaning Soap
  • Novoglan Personal Lubricant
  • Novoglan Customer Service
  • Experience with Novoglan Staff.

All of these scores are reported monthly and consolidated data is oincludedon their website under Novoglan Review

Novoglan state that they seek 100% Customer Satisfaction in their Novoglan Review and regularly score 95 to 99% across the board. Go to the Novoglan Review web page for more details.

Novoglan Review

Novoglan Review for Novoglan Products and Services from Platigo Solutions


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